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Embed 3x3Links into Google Sites

Google Sites does not allow to embed javascript into pages, so you have to use the old iframe work-around.

#1 Open any page in Edit mode and hit HTML edit mode.

#2 Add iframe tag to HTML code

<iframe src="about:blank"></frame>

A new Gadget will be embedded into your page. Highlight it and select Properties

#3 Setup Gadget

Use for example the following parameters:

Display scrollbar: No

Width: 100 percent

Height: e.g. 800px

View: default

URL to content: Your 3x3Links link, e.g.


Hint: Add the parameter “&thema=mobil” if you like the 3x3Links grid to be maximized.

#4 Configure the 3x3Links page to open the links correctly

By default 3x3Links will open links in the same window where opened, in this case our iframe.

If links should be opened in new windows, this must be configured in 3x3Links.

Go to Options → Tweaks and select “Open links in new tab”

#5 Done

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